Mexican and U.S. Ambassadors Announce New Binational Park Near Laredo Border

Mexican and U.S. Ambassadors Announce New Binational Park Near Laredo Border

Ambassadors from Mexico and the United States announced their commitment to building  a binational park, a project that also includes the city of Nuevo Laredo.

City officials are getting feedback from the city of San Antonio to create a project similar to the Riverwalk.

“The work that will take place on this beautiful binational park that brings critical river back to its life is an opportunity to establish a future the United States has with Mexico,” said San Antonio Mayor, Ron Nirenberg

U.S. Congressman Henry Cuellar says the park will not only improve the quality of life but increase border security.

“It accomplishes two things. By having this binational park you clean it up and improves quality of life and at the same time cleans the Carrizo and areas where people can hide,” said Cuellar

This is not the first time a project along the riverbanks is discussed. Mayor Pete Saenz previously discussed building a retaining wall – an alternative to the border wall.

“10, 12 years ago there was an idea to beautify the American side but there was no money and the second version to beautify the side of Laredo but the Trump Administration came and changed it,” added Cuellar.

The issue of border security continues. The state has proposed building a border fence to deter illegal immigration.

“We got another mini Trump idea where people want to come in and put a fence and that is not a way to secure the border,” added Cuellar.

Cuellar says technology and adding more agents will help improve the security in the area.

Leaders say they will work to obtain funds to create this binational park.

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