Laredo City Leaders Remind Us Not To Let Our Guard Down with Omicron Virus

Laredo City Leaders Remind Us Not To Let Our Guard Down with Omicron Virus


City leaders and health experts say it’s important not to let your guard down as scientists continue to learn more on Omicron.

City council members say they don’t want to be caught off guard. The Covid-19 pandemic caused hospitals to be at capacity, exhausting medical professionals.

“Our goal is to be prepared and make sure that we have the adequate medical staff and equipment and hospital capacity to make sure that we are ready to respond for a possible outbreak,” said Alberto Torres.

“We have been planning and coordinating talking to partners I know chamberlain is getting a new lab equipment that will help us detect it,” said Guillermo Heard.

Experts say the best protection against complications is getting vaccinated.

“If you are not vaccinated we are pleading that you get vaccinated if you received the first inoculation get the dose and if you have, get the booster,” added Torres.

“Right now there are a lot of people getting their first dose which is good. we encourage people getting the first dose and get the booster too the data shows that is the best protection,” added Heard.

The spread of Omicron has leaders concerned, but they don’t foresee another shutdown.

“We do not foresee any closures although that is not ruled out the federal government say they don’t see anything because of omicron or any possible closures,” added Torres.

The message to the vulnerable population is to continue with the use of a face mask and avoid large gatherings.

Experts say by following the safety measures in place you can reduce the possibility of contracting Covid-19.

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