According to Pfizer, Three Doses of its Product Protect Against New Variant

According to Pfizer, Three Doses of its Product Protect Against New Variant


According to the company Pfizer, it’s studies indicate that three doses of its product protect against the new variant.

Analysis by the Pfizer laboratory in conclude that having the first and second doses of your vaccine does not completely protect against Omicron, however according to their studies receiving a third application re-establishes the necessary protection against that variant.

“Unfortunately we lose approximately 25 times the immune protection if you’ve only had 2 shots,” said Dr. Melendez

Even so, people inoculated with two doses will still have some kind of protection, compared to those who are not.

“Therefore, the good news is, that with the booster, the third shot, the immunity for the Omicron variant, once again increases. Pretty similar to the original variant,” added Melendez.

This booster vaccine is available for people 18 years and older. Medical experts say that originally this third dose was recommended for people over 65 years of age. Or with some type of medical problem.

“Patients with obesity, hypertension, kidney disease, lung disease, heart disease and cancer or patients that are taking immune suppressant medications,” said Dr. Alvaro Restrepo

According to the doctor, the Rio Grande Valley has a high percentage of 20-30 percent of adults with suppressed immune diseases. That is why experts continue to recommend that one being inoculated and if one is eligible to receive their dose, apply it.

“But please get vaccinated, it’s the best gift that you can give to yourself, your family, to the community,” added Dr. Restrepo

Dr. Melendez says that at the moment, 90 percent of patients in the hospital are not vaccinated.

Dr. Melendez added that until today, 3,504 people have lost their lives to this disease just here in Hidalgo County and 120,000 cases of Covid-19. Although the pandemic has decreased, it still exists and experts say it is important to contemplate the third dose to be protected from the Omicron variant.

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