Identity of Two Victims Revealed in Laredo Murder-Suicide

Identity of Two Victims Revealed in Laredo Murder-Suicide


Laredo police are revealing preliminary findings regarding their investigation. They are classifying Friday’s incident was a murder suicide.

It was about 12:40 pm afternoon when police responded to a report of a shooting. At the scene, they found the bodies of a man and a woman.

“Upon arrival, officers encountered a male later identified as 68-year-old Rosendo Perez Zuniga and a female, identified as 27-year-old Dhalia Guadalupe Maldonado on the road,” said officer Emanuel Diaz.

Police say Maldonado and Zuniga were known to each other but did not confirm what type of relationship they had.

“Initial information indicates that Maldonado had various gunshot wounds while Perez had a single gunshot wound located on his body,” added Diaz.

At the time of the shooting, police confirmed both victims were involved in an accident.

“There was potentially a motor vehicle accident prior to the shooting. Information gathered that Rosendo was driving a Ford F-150 that collided with a minivan being driven by Maldonado,” added Diaz

But how the shooting happened is still undetermined. Police say they will continue investigating this case.


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