Operation Stone Garden Has Helped Webb County Remain Safe

Operation Stone Garden Has Helped Webb County Remain Safe

Over 4.3 million dollars will be used to improve the security along the border of Webb County.

These funds will allow officers to continue working under operation Stone Garden. A program law enforcement agencies say have increased the number of arrests.

“In our last operations cycle about 125 additional arrests are attributed to Stone Garden, so that’s more arrests than normal operations, Stone Garden allows us to work more details,” said Asst. Chief, Manuel Maciel

Another goal is to put an end to human smuggling. The sheriff’s office says these cases have been reported near school campuses.

“To be divided between constables, Laredo police department and now LISD and UISD that can utilize that money to protect the schools along the border,” said Martin Cuellar

The funds will also be used to purchase new equipment. U.S. Congressman Henry Cuellar says these operations have helped Webb County remain a safe community.

“If you look at the latest FBI stats, Laredo is about 4 times safer than Washington DC where I work, and these results mean that people can take their children to school, go to Church, go to the store and go to work feeling secured” said U.S. Congressman Henry Cuellar

Law enforcement agencies say they continue working to keep the border safe, and remember, you can help officers by reporting suspicious activity to your local law enforcement agency.

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