City of Laredo Looks Forward to Renovating Historical Plaza Theatre

City of Laredo Looks Forward to Renovating Historical Plaza Theatre

City leaders received a status report on the renovations of the Plaza Theatre.

Even though it was built in 1946, architects say the building remains in good condition and tells us what we can expect once renovations are complete.

“Not only will we be preserving the theater, it will also have other uses, as we refer to as multipurpose. So aside from just movies, people will have lectures, performances, and banquets. It will become a multipurpose facility,” said Frank Rotnofsky of Able City

“It can be used to multi-task. As a theater for movies, yes it has over 1,000 seat capacity, but we can use it for other venues such as recitals,” said Mercurio Martinez of Regidor Distrito 3

With many events expected to take place, council members designated 12 million dollars towards the project.

“We are also, in an earlier council meeting, we purchased the building next door while renovating the plaza. It will expand next door to create better bathrooms and facilities for storage, etcetera,” added Martinez

Remaining funds will be used to expand parking. Architects say they continue to design stage of the project.

“We will have a few more months of design and of course working with the council and the community if all goes well. I hope to start by early spring, early summer,” added Rotnofsky

As designing continues, city leaders say they are excited to once again open the doors of the Plaza Theatre.

The city of Laredo will continue meeting with architects to discuss the status report of the Plaza Theatre.

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