International Men’s Day Aims to Discuss Important Health Issues in Men

International Men’s Day Aims to Discuss Important Health Issues in Men

On November 19th, International Men’s Day it’s important to raise awareness about health issues that can affect millions of men.

November 19th was labeled International Men’s Day by the United Nations. It aims to promote healthier men’s health by highlighting the importance of talking about age and health issues.

“So the focus today on men’s health is to understand that we are not invincible. It is crucial at a young age to learn to take precautions to prevent diseases such as diabetes, obesity and erectile dysfunction and at a certain age to be aware of the diseases that affect the colon and the heart,” said Dr. Ivan Melendez

Health officials say men are less frequent when it comes to visiting the doctor for their annual check ups. People are more likely to have problems because of their lifestyle. While the most frequent problem for middle aged men are diseases such that affect the colon and prostate.

“Each of these diseases have ways to be pre-determined and prevented long before one shows signs of symptoms,” added Melendez

Prostate screenings are recommended to start at age 50 or at a younger age if cancer runs in your family. On this International Man’s Day it’s important to stress the importance for getting regular check ups, appointments for optimal health and to remember that not only physical health is important but a healthy mental health too.

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