26 Pets Transported with Hopes in Finding Their Forever Home

26 Pets Transported with Hopes in Finding Their Forever Home

This month 8 trips were coordinated to transport animals to other shelters with the purpose of increasing the opportunity for them to be adopted more quickly.

26 pets are being taken to new sites or with people who will temporarily adopt them in San Antonio. The boarding began at 6 am.

But how and why does anyone coordinate such transports?

We have 2-3 animals in a kennel together and that is not what we want, we want them to have their own space,” said Palm Valley Development Coordinator, Julian Whitacre

Ricardo, who usually drives the transports himself has more than 5 years working with Palm Valley and plans on being there many more.

“I fell in love with the place. Now with the rescue program, I’m learning a lot and it’s a great experience. I love animals so it’s a win win,” said Ricardo

In the first place, there were 3 volunteers who temporarily care for animals in their home. Everyone began to do this with different purposes, but they have continued to do so.

One of them said this started to help their child get extra credit at school.

“I always liked it when I can find the perfect owner for that particular dog. Everybody has different personalities so it’s always nice when you find the right owner for that personality,” said one caregiver

Ellen took a female and her puppies that she will take to a shelter in Dallas. She says that the great love she has for these animals puts her in a tough situation at times.

“It’s hard to let go of them sometimes. You get really attached, especially if you keep them for a long time. Sometimes they have issues, like senior dogs, we just give them a loving home so they know love before they go to the rainbow bridge,” added Ellen.

Another caregiver says she has been doing this for more than 10 years. She drove 7 1/2 hours to pick up Kongo.

“There’s animals that desperately need my help. Seeing Kongo’s picture and video really just broke my heart. My goal is to find him his forever home and I’ve already got a couple of people who are interested in him,” shared the caregiver.

We started the long drive with 26 dogs and cats, there’s only one remaining. What do you think his name is? Harry Potter.

They all agree that the mission is not easy but in the end that it is ultimately worth it. Some pets arrive at the shelter in very bad conditions and they are not sure if someone could want them enough to take care of them until they heal. But Ellen added that there are still many good humans in this world.

If you want to help the Palm Valley Animal Society, you can do so in several ways. Donating food or quilts, adopting, with donations or even as a volunteer. You can call the center at 956-605-9239


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