Vehicle Stolen in Laredo While Left on and Unattended

Vehicle Stolen in Laredo While Left on and Unattended

The alert comes after police investigated a case in where the vehicle was left running.

The Laredo Police Department says the victim was at a store, within moments, the vehicle was stolen.

“They walked off momentarily, left the keys inside the vehicle and the vehicle on. They were only inside the business for a few minutes and as soon as they walked out they realized the vehicle had been stolen,” stated Investigator Gina Gonzalez.

Police are using this example to remind the community to not leave their vehicle on and unattended. It doesn’t matter how short the trip may be.

“Many people have the habit of leaving cars running when the weather changes, when they go grab something or go to school or child care centers, or even at home,” added Gonzalez.

“Just like you have the habit of checking your front door, you should do the same thing with automobiles. Especially in residential areas and apartment complexes,” stated Officer Joe Baeza.

Compared to last year, police are reporting a 7 percent drop in auto theft cases but remind the community they can help by locking their vehicle and not leaving valuable items in sight.

If you see or know of any suspicious activity you can report it at 956-795-2800.

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