City Leaders Celebrate the Re-Opening of Bridges

City Leaders Celebrate the Re-Opening of Bridges

After waiting for over a year, city leaders are celebrating the re-opening of the ports of entry. Laredo and Nuevo Laredo leaders held a press conference to express their excitement.

This morning, there were no long lines to enter the U.S. tourists that crossed early this morning say they are excited to begin their Christmas shopping.

“And I came for the first time to the United States and we are going to the outlets to shop,” said Nuevo Laredo resident Sara Hernandez

The federal restrictions not only affected the economy, but didn’t allow family members to visit their loved ones for over a year.

“I’m very happy that I can cross and visit my mom. She has also been waiting for her brothers to be able to visit her,” said Nuevo Laredo resident Maria Luisa Guevara.

To be able to enter the U.S., tourists must be fully vaccinated with a vaccinated approved by the FDA and the World Health Organization. U.S. Congressman Henry Cuellar says CBP officers are prepared for a high volume of traffic.

“The Mayor and I spent a little bit of time with CBP and they got the staffing, they got the process in place. They want to do it as efficiently as possible,” stated Cuellar.

City leaders remind tourists minors don’t have to be vaccinated to visit Laredo, but encourage parents to vaccinate their children.

“An opportunity on the health side as well. The vaccination programs that we have. The fact that minors can accompany adults when they cross, they can make plans to get vaccinated and that is a huge plus,” said Laredo Mayor Pete Saenz.

The city will continue promoting more vaccination campaigns to encourage visitors to visit the U.S. To avoid delays, officials remind the community to have their paperwork on hand before making the trip to the U.S.

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