LISD is Bringing Back Driver’s Ed Course for Students

LISD is Bringing Back Driver’s Ed Course for Students

It’s been almost 40 years and now LISD is bringing back a Driver’s Ed course for students.

The idea was proposed by LISD board member, Guadalupe Gomez, after receiving several reports of students not being able to take a Driver’s Ed course.

“I would always ask why they didn’t have a driver’s license and I would recommend them to go through a Driver’s Ed course. Most of them would say that their parents could not afford Driver’s Education courses,” said Gomez.

That is why LISD is now offering this program free of charge to students. But those interested must meet the following criteria.

“They have to earn it, they have to get good grades. Their behavior has to be good, their attendance. It is something they have to earn and after they earned it, they can be part of the Driver’s Ed and it’ something good for them,” added Gomez.

The program is 18 weeks long and students will learn traffic laws.

“How to safely drive, avoid distractions, how to maintain a vehicle, buy a vehicle, insurance. All the things that it takes to be a responsible car owner and driver,” said Driver’s Ed instructor Romeo Mancias.

After the course students will receive their permit. If they are 18 they can take the test to get their license. Students say they are excited for this new program.

“It’s exciting that I don’t have to spend money, large amounts of money to actually get a license. Since it is my last year in high school, I’m excited to actually get my license,” shared student Victor Carrillo.

The Driver’s Education course is offered at all high schools. For more information you may contact your child’s high school campus.

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