Laredo Mayor and Nuevo Laredo Mayor are Both Ready to Welcome Visitors

Laredo Mayor and Nuevo Laredo Mayor are Both Ready to Welcome Visitors

As the re-opening of the bridges approaches, both border Mayors say they are ready to welcome visitors.

In Laredo, Mayor Pete Saenz says he is excited border restrictions will be lifted adding he continues working alongside CBP officers.

“It takes planning and coordination basically from the people wanting to cross. I would say get your documents prepared, your visas, your passports and most importantly your vaccination cards,” stated Mayor Saenz.

Both city leaders say they are working to alleviate traffic.

“We are asking CPB, please have plenty of personnel, all of the lanes open and then on the Nuevo Laredo side as well. Just working with the local government too, to facilitate the crossing of people into the United States,” shared Saenz.

Nuevo Laredo’s Mayor said she continues preparing to welcome Laredoens.

“We are ready and we continue working. I invite all residents of Laredo, Texas to visit Nuevo Laredo. I’m very excited that our citizens will be able to visit Laredo,” said Carmen Lilia Canturosas, Mayor of Nuevo Laredo.

Aside from working to keep the community safe from Covid-19, Nuevo Laredo’s Mayor says the sister city has much to offer to tourists.

“I also ask the people of Laredo to come to Nuevo Laredo and feel safe. We are working with great strength and passion to recover our historical landmarks and our security,” added Canturosas.

Preparations and conversations of the re-opening of the ports of entry continue.

We remind you border restrictions will be lifted November 8th to fully vaccinated visitors.


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