The FDA Has Approved the Mixing of Covid-19 Boosters

The FDA Has Approved the Mixing of Covid-19 Boosters

According to the Associated Press, the FDA has approved the mixing of Covid-19 boosters. This after a study that was conducted on nearly 450 people.

The FDA approved booster shots for both Johnson & Johnson and Moderna and at the same time gave a green light for people to mix and match different types of shots. The Hidalgo County health authorities said, this approval was expected as it is something that has been happening at local clinics.

“Quite frankly even today, if you present to any of the pharmacies and you have documentation that you received two previous immunizations or the one Johnson & Johnson, they will give you what is available. So certainly at this point, anyone who wants a booster is not limited that they have that particular company that they received the two first vaccines or the first vaccine,” said Dr. Melendez.

DHR is one of the hospital units that has allowed for individuals that meet the criteria to receive the Pfizer booster, even if their first two doses were of Modera.

“For the people with Moderna right now, the full approval is if they are immunocompromised and it is 28 days after their second dose. That is for Moderna but we are waiting so hopefully by the end of the week we get a full approval for the booster, for Moderna and Johnson & Johnson as well,” said DHR Pharmacist, Annette Ozuna.

Ozuna says they are waiting for the guidance to come from the CDC. Meanwhile they are applying the Pfizer booster for people 65-years and older, those who work in a high risk environment or even those who have a pre-existing medical condition. These are the same conditions that will be applied for the third dose of Moderna and second of Johnson & Johnson. It is important to note, that in the case of Moderna, only half the quantity of the regular dose will be administered as the booster.

The next step is for the CDC to make a recommendation to apply these doses which would give a greenlight for providers to start administering them.

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