Crime Stoppers Has Been Successful With The Help of the Community

Crime Stoppers Has Been Successful With The Help of the Community

The purpose of the Crime Prevention Center is to share important information with law enforcement agencies, in an effort to prevent a crime.

For forty years, Laredo Crime Stoppers have been successful thanks to the collaboration of the community.

“We are Texas Crime Stoppers certified, which means that we are the only source of anonymity. If you call crime stoppers, you are completely anonymous, you will never have to go to court and you get paid up to $1000,” shared Crime Stoppers Executive Director, Colleen Rodriguez.

Inside this office, Crime Stoppers will send important information to Law Enforcement agencies, resulting in several arrests and seizures.
“And we are able to respond quickly and be able to make those arrests. We have arrested people committing crimes, taking away large amounts of weapons from criminals in our city,” said Chief of Police, Claudio Treviño.
But the Crime Prevention Center is one of many resources available. Laredo Police are working in creating another base that will allow them to exchange information with other agencies.
“We have this center that ties the community, calling in the information and then the other center that involves the different departments working together with that information, so it’s important,” said Treviño.
Both Laredo Police and Crime Stoppers say they continue seeking the community’s help in reporting suspicious activity to your local law enforcement agency.
A reminder, all tips are anonymous. The Crime Stoppers number is 727-TIPS.

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