Tourists That Wish To Visit the U.S. Must Be Fully Vaccinated

Tourists That Wish To Visit the U.S. Must Be Fully Vaccinated

Tourists that wish to visit the U.S. must be fully vaccinated. Health experts are now clarifying what vaccines are eligible.

According to Laredo’s Health Authority, the FDA approved three vaccines while the World Health Organization authorized four. There have been reports of mixing Sinovac with another immunization, something not recommended by the CDC.

“Because that is a different technology, it is not recommended or allowed to mix vaccines in this fashion. Only Moderna and Pfizer can be mixed in medically undeserved areas,” stated Dr. Victor Treviño.

Removing the bridge restrictions is one step closer to the new normal. But health experts say this does not mean the pandemic is over.

“We have seen we are in turning quarters and we get surges so it’s important to tress regional immunity. Here we are vaccinating our population but we have two cities, it’s a tale of two cities,” added Dr. Treviño.

While officials wait on more information, local leaders are excited the bridge is re-opening and its impact on the economy.

“We have new restaurants, we have new shopping centers. We’re about to go into our shopping season. We have the outlet shops, Mall del Norte, we have a lot of boutiques and shops that have opened in the last year and a half,” shared LCVB Director, Aileen Ramos.

“There has been a figure that has been used, approximately 18 billion Mexican shoppers visit the U.S. Those 18 million contribute about 19 billion dollars in revenue to the U.S.” said Laredo Mayor, Pete Saenz.
And local businesses say they are preparing to welcome back tourists and hoping for a boost in sales; after suffering a decline in sales, due to the partial bridge closure.

We asked CBP officers how they are preparing for the bridge re-opening but we were referred to read the Department of Homeland Security statement.

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