Edinburg Family Left With Nothing After Fire Consumes Their Home

Edinburg Family Left With Nothing After Fire Consumes Their Home

An Edinburg family has been left with nothing after a fire consumed their entire home.

Yesterday at around 3:30 pm the authorities received a call concerning a structural fire in the Montecristo area. Although there was no casualties the family is now asking the community for help. Now more than ever since all their belongings turned to ash. The family says that the fire spread quickly due to the mattress and toys left outside.

“We think that it was because of some light switches, because the lights from my room weren’t working and from there is where we heard the explosion,” said Elizabeth Ortiz.

 Elizabeth’s 11-year old son was inside when the fire started. He suffered burns on his ear and arm. Hidalgo County has been able to provide temporary shelter in a hotel for the Ortiz family. Precinct 5 and the Red Cross are also in the process of sending aid.
“I went to check and there was fire on my right and I closed the door and tried to call my mom. Like what do I do? Because she was on the road. I just ran and some fire burned me on my arm and it hurt. When I went out I was crying,” said Elizabeth’s son.
Although the family lost everything they are grateful to be alive. Elizabeth mentions that she is glad no one else got injured. Although even her car got consumed by the flames and exploded.
The Ortiz family is in the process of setting up a GoFund me and asks the community to help in any way they can.

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