Pfizer Pending FDA Approval For Children

Pfizer Pending FDA Approval For Children

It’s anticipated this month the vaccine will be authorized for children ages 5 to 11. Mothers say they are ready to vaccinate their children.

Pfizer says studies show the vaccine is effective for minors. All they are pending is the approval from the FDA.

“Yes, we’re ready for the vaccine to come out. We have a 5-year old and a 13-year old. The 13-year old is already vaccinated, so we are waiting for the 5-year old to get vaccinated,” shared Lauren Cavazos.

“We decided to get the vaccine because we have family that have underlying conditions, so in that way we can protect them and protect us at the same time,” said Karla De La Garza.

Health experts say the vaccine is the same, the only thing that changes is the dosage amount.

“It’s a 2 dose, 3 weeks in between and it is 10 micrograms. All of this information will be submitted to the FDA,” stated Dr. Victor Treviño.

Health experts say the vaccine is safe and helps prevent Covid-19 deadly symptoms. Mother say they are trusting science and the safety measures in place.

“We’ve all been vaccinated. We’re all okay. Since I was a kid I’ve been getting a flu shot every year. I have all my vaccines, my kids have all their vaccines. We are pretty confident that the science works,” said Cavazos.

Doctors continue encouraging the community to continue the use of a face mask and the proper hygiene measures, regardless of vaccination status.

It’s expected the FDA will announce whether the vaccine is authorized in the upcoming weeks.


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