Police Officers Suggest Safe Tips to Prevent Credit Card Fraud

Police Officers Suggest Safe Tips to Prevent Credit Card Fraud

Online shopping has become very popular and Laredo police say it’s important to keep your credit card information private.

According to police, a victim lost her phone that contained photos of her credit card.

37-year old Yosvany Benitez Lozada is accused of stealing the information from her mobile device.

“Benitez Lozada was able to gain entry and recovered these photos from the cell phone and he was able to get the credit card number in the photos. He made several transactions throughout the city at several gas stations,” stated Laredo Police Officer, Jose Espinoza.

Officers say its important to erase all personal information from your personal devices.

“If you are shopping online or if you have any pictures in your cell phone, always remember to erase your history containing your personal information, such as credit card information, any bank information,” stated Espinoza.

Officers suggest using these types of credit cards that protect the user from fraud.
“There’s more protection for the client if you use the bigger lines of credit, like Discover, American Express or Visa. There’s more coverage for the client,” stated Laredo Police Officer, Joe Baeza.
Another tip is to be aware of your bank transactions and report any suspicious activity to your bank.
A reminder to never give out personal information over the phone as this is another way of becoming a victim of a crime.

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