Social Media Outage Causes An Impact On Our Community

Social Media Outage Causes An Impact On Our Community

Even though the social media outage only lasted a couple of hours, it had a big impact on our community.

Yesterdays social media blackout left millions of users without access to WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. Many internet based businesses saw a radical decrease in sales.

Dania Guzman, owner of DG House of Fashion explains that she heavily relies on social media to connect with customers.

“As a small business, we do depend a lot on social media. I feel like social media is our biggest tool. Yes, our sales were a lot lower yesterday, even though it was just for a certain time. I feel like I did not have enough communication with my customers because my full communication is through social media.” stated Guzman.

Economist Jose Luis Garza says that this blackout not only affected the economy but also the industry, commerce, domestic issues, professional life and all the communication businesses around the world.

He says that the community should now, more than ever, be careful on how we store and share personal information.

As of now it has been reported that the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, lost 5.9 billion dollars in just a matter of hours.

Until now, the reason why the social media pages fell is unknown, but it is reportedly a work in progress.

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