5 tips to save money with your AC

5 tips to save money with your AC

Summer is right around the corner, and Texas can get hot — extremely hot. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, extreme temperatures are the reason most consumers see their highest electricity bills during this time of the year.

Here are 5 tips to make sure you save on electricity while staying cool this summer. 

  • Make sure the air stays in

If your home isn’t brand new, it’s time to check your window seals or any other poorly insulated rooms, because you might accidentally be letting the cool air out. Make sure you check that there are no drafts in your house. 


  •  If you’re going out, set the thermostat up

If you’re leaving the house for work or going on vacation, consider setting the thermostat up or turning off your AC unit while you’re out. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends that you set your thermostat to 78 degrees when you’re not home to conserve energy. 


  • Close your blinds during the hottest parts of the day 

An open window letting in the hot sun might not just heat up your thermostat, but it can also heat you up too. Try closing your window blinds during the hottest parts of the day to keep the sun out. This can also help with your window insulation, and has the added bonus of keeping you cool. 


  • Get the right AC for your home

The first rule for energy efficiency is having the right equipment so that you spend less while using it. Make sure you have the correct ducts, AC unit, and insulation for your house. A unit that’s too small for the square footage in your home will result in overworking the AC, thus resulting in higher energy bills. 


  •  Maintenance is key

When you make an investment in your AC unit, you expect it to work. But without proper maintenance, you probably aren’t making the most of it. You can take care of it on a daily basis, but it takes a professional AC inspector to carry out in-depth maintenance inspections.


Don’t let the Texas heat win. Be smart about your energy use, and call the experts at Colair for all of your AC needs. Whether it’s a new AC unit, or inspectors to help you with your maintenance, Colair is ready to help. Call (956)-379-6070 for more information. 


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