Bars Await Reopening Date Announcement

Bars Await Reopening Date Announcement

Nightclub owners say they are feeling a lot of uncertainty since they still don’t know when they will be able to reopen.

17th street is known for the nightlife: an industry that contributes a significant amount to the local economy. Although some businesses have been able to open their doors to the public, the fate of bars and nightclubs still hangs on the word of state officials.

“The impact is mainly economic, mostly for my employees who have been asking me to give them a job at a restaurant I reopened. Thankfully I was approved for the PPP loan and that allows them to have a job for now.”

Ernesto Lozano-Owner Of Frathouse

The Texas Bar And Nightclub Alliance is encouraging its members to conduct a soft reopening on May 15th. This to push the governor to allow these establishments to continue operating. 

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