Shoppers Gather at La Plaza Mall on the First Day of “Phase One”

Shoppers Gather at La Plaza Mall on the First Day of “Phase One”

One of the most visited shopping centers in the region welcomed customers back into their building. Long lines were rapidly formed by valley residents waiting for the doors to open.

 “It was great…it was very easy today. I think it was an initial light day and it gives us a good chance to study the crowds.”

Roberto Luciano-La Plaza Mall General Manager

The shopping mall has a designated entrance and exit for two access points within the building. Inside several businesses prepared last-minute touches before the public makes its way in. Although many are eagerly waiting to visit the mall, there are others who feel there shouldn’t be a rush to go to non-essential retailers.

“We have to do things little by little. The virus can still be propagated, everyone should just stay calm.”

Mr. Hernandez-Ruiz (public opinion)

Areas that attract large groups of customers like the food court will not be available for dine-in. Restaurants located at the shopping center will only be taking to-go orders. The restrooms have been accommodated to adhere to social distancing requirements and the “Kid Zone” will be off-limits.

The general manager did state that although face masks aren’t required, it is highly recommended everyone wear one as the risk of COVID-19 transmission is still very much present.

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