Millions In Federal Funds Available For Rent Assistance

Millions In Federal Funds Available For Rent Assistance

Up to 11.3 million dollars in funds will be available for Texans who are having a hard time paying their rent during this pandemic.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has approved a proposal that provides funds to assist renters who have suffered economically due to COVID-19.  

 “This is another example of how our state and agency leaders are working together with the federal government to help our constituents overcome the severe hardships brought upon the spread of COVID-19.”

State Senator Eddie Lucio, JR.

“Come Dream, Come Build” is an organization that has already applied for these funds.. they serve low-income households by giving them the opportunity to have their own home based on their income. Communications coordinator Marcela Saenz says these funds could be a lifeline for many families in the Rio Grande Valley.

“In moments like this, our priority is to provide any type of help available to our community. We have applied and hopefully, very soon we will be able to help people apply to get these resources.”

Marcela Saenz-CDCB Communications Coordinator

The money provided through the approved proposal will be distributed to local assistance providers. To find out where you can apply for this resource, visit the website where you can click on “long term rent payment help”. Lucio says these funds will be distributed in the next few weeks. Those that qualify could have 100% of their cost of rent covered.

Senator Lucio encourages families that have had economic struggles due to this pandemic to apply as soon as possible.

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