Brownsville Officials Encourage Everyone To Take COVID-19 Exam

Brownsville Officials Encourage Everyone To Take COVID-19 Exam

City of Brownsville officials are taking steps to ensure everyone has access to a test despite their income or legal status. 

Experts say this creates a health risk on both sides of the border.

The exams are done at the Brownsville Sports Park located on 1000 Sports Park Boulevard.

“Up until now, we have done over 1,300 tests. Our testing facility has brought back nearly 75 percent of the positives in the city.” 

  It has been nearly a month since this clinic launched. Mendez says an average of 55 exams are conducted each day. 44% of the people who have taken a COVID-19 test don’t have medical insurance. He is now asking the community to raise funds to help with the medical expenses.    

“For the individuals that have insurance, the provider that the city is partnered with will take insurance to cover those costs. If for some reason someone doesn’t have insurance, which is the majority of the people here, then those costs will be covered by the city for Brownsville residents.”

If you are interested in contributing to these medical expenses you can visit donate.

The mayor adds that no one will be rejected from taking an exam based on their immigration status.

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