online resources available for children with autism

online resources available for children with autism

Several resources are available to help households that count on a family member with special needs during this public health crisis.

“It’s definitely drawing on them a lot and also now some of them in their mind are already grieving. They feel that they’ve been abandoned by the teachers. They feel their teachers don’t want them because if not they would be at school.”

 For Veronica Garza.a mother of three girls with autism, having to stay at home has been a challenge for her and her daughters.
The organization Team Mario is a support group that offers educational videos for people with autism of all ages. Now they are providing tips for parents, about how to cope with having their children at home due to the shelter in place.

“What other tips can you use with individuals who may have management issues or who need breaks so we’re trying to take into consideration all of that which is a lot to take in. Some of our videos are more fun so there are games or activities we can play at home. “

You can access these videos by visiting their Facebook page “Team Mario” or log onto their website http://www.Teammario.Org.
 Aptus Health now offers its help through virtual sessions called telehealth services.

“Parents with children with disabilities also rely on the therapy to help them be able to deal with everything they have to deal with along with treating their children.”

To schedule an appointment and find out what other aid they offer you can call 956-668-7433.

Specialists recommend family members to join online support groups. There, they can ask for additional advice and share their experience with others in similar situations.

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