Weslaco officials place new restrictions on residents due to the coronavirus pandemic

Weslaco officials place new restrictions on residents due to the coronavirus pandemic

The ongoing pandemic has caused some city officials to set additional measures they believe are necessary to slow the spread of COVID -19.

What once was unimaginable is now a part of the new normal. Valley residents have become accustomed to forming long lines outside of the grocery store. Weslaco city officials are now taking extra steps to ensure the safety of shoppers when they are out gathering essential items.

“Well, what we’re putting out what we are requesting people to do is if they have to go shopping for essentials to try to keep that group to a minimum. If we have a family of five going to shop at the same time its kind of defeating the purpose of keeping social distancing and keeping people away from each other so we can get past this COVID 19 pandemic. So what we’re requesting is that no more than two people per family go to the grocery store at the same time.”

Lt. Stubb hopes this new restriction will help local businesses run more smoothly while providing safety to both store employees and shoppers alike. Keeping the number of people entering a store down to two can help control a potential virus outbreak.

“Our intention is to help our citizens we want to make sure people stay home as much as possible and try to stay safe. The more we are out in the public the more chance we have of not only receiving this COVID-19 but we also have the chance of giving it to other people the only way we are going to get past it is if we stay home, practice some safety measures and just stay safe.”

The two-person rule applies to Weslaco residents entering businesses at any given time.
This order went into effect today. Hidalgo county precinct one officials are considering adopting similar restrictions.

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