upcoming rent payments leave non-essential workers with financial stress

upcoming rent payments leave non-essential workers with financial stress

It’s the first of the month and rent is due for thousands of residents in our region, leaving many who have been considered non-essential workers wondering how they’ll make ends meet.

The Stay At Home order has left a good percentage of RGV workers displaced, causing financial stress on community members as well as small business owners. Director of Public Affairs for Hidalgo County says that renters, as well as homeowners, were taken into consideration when the crisis erupted locally.

“When he issued his Shelter At Home order there is in there a 30-day prohibition forbidding anybody from initiating a foreclosure process or an eviction. Foreclosure obviously being for homeowners and evictions being for renters. “

The state of texas supreme court’s suspension runs through April 19th but local officials say they’ve anticipated this hardship and no one should be receiving notices for lack of payment for the next 30 days.

“No one should be seeing an eviction notice posted on their door, obviously there is concern regarding the nonpayment of rent, it’s a huge challenge not only in Hidalgo County but across the country and this is the first rent period since COVID-19 broke out nationally as an epidemic. We recognize there will be those who will have difficulty paying their rent as such we are prohibiting any landlord from evicting or kicking out the tenants for nonpayment.”

Many texas utility providers are being required to halt disconnections and extend payment deferral plans…The crisis has placed a hardship on renters and property owners. Officials recommend both parties maintain an open line of communication to better navigate through this economic and public health crisis.

Governor Gregg Abbott, along with the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs, is working on providing assistance for those affected by COVID-19. If you received a notice of eviction and are experiencing a hardship related to the crisis, you can reach out to the Hidalgo County’s District Attorney’s office at (956) 292-7600.

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