Laredo City Officials Adding More Restrictions Due To COVID-19

Laredo City Officials Adding More Restrictions Due To COVID-19

Starting midnight, community members are required to cover their nose and mouth with some sort of fabric or a mask. Those that don’t comply will face up to a one thousand dollar fine.

Laredo city council members say coverage is mandated when entering a building such as a grocery store, office or government building. A mask is not needed when you are operating your personal vehicle, exercising or in your home.

“I’m going to be clear. It’s to cover your mouth and nose, there is no legal requirement to go out and buy a mask. We are requiring you to cover yourself with a scarf or bandana”

The previous curfew set for minors has been extended to include all community members. No one is allowed to be out between the hours of 10 pm and 5 am unless you are required to work. Those classified as essential workers must carry a letter or I.D. to justify their outing. Violators of this order can face a fine between 50 to one thousand dollars and jail time.
One city official is asking the community to limit the number of people that leave your household for essential activities

“I ask you all public to please send only one person at a time to go pick up groceries wherever you go for your necessities, only one person”

Remember, this order goes into effect at midnight through April 30th, unless extended by the city council. Reporting in Laredo, Fox News South Texas, Judith Rayo

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