Virtual Consults Are a Popular Way to Keep in Touch with your Doctor

Virtual Consults Are a Popular Way to Keep in Touch with your Doctor

Covid-19 has provoked a number of restrictions across the region, However, health experts are recommending utilizing virtual consults…A method that can prevent exposure and the use of needed protective medical equipment.

Health officials say the current pandemic can generate certain mental health conditions, more so in persons with pre-existing disorders as well as heighten the overall state of anxiety….

The most important issue for us to learn about telemedicine that it can guarantee and establish open communication with your provider during this crisis…The fact that we’re practicing social isolation means that we need to take other precautions available but at the same time continue to provide services and telemedicine is a platform that will enable us to get your home to get to you as a patient and be able to continue your care…

They also add that by utilizing telemedicine they can save the use of protective equipment which is necessary.

If the hospital has an outbreak of COVID-19 and I can still provide my services that precious protective equipment we all need a mask, googles if I’m not necessarily need to be involved in the care of that patient then I can just consult with another physician or talk to the patient to telemedicine we highly encourage that to save that protective equipment.

Due to this crisis, state officials have allowed primary healthcare providers to refill and or prescribe medications through telemedicine.

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