All Non-Essential Businesses in Laredo Ordered Shut Down

All Non-Essential Businesses in Laredo Ordered Shut Down

Laredo, Texas– A new order further restricts movement in the city. This order states that minors have to follow a 10 pm to 6 am curfew. Non-essential businesses are required to shut down.

This includes barber shops, hair and nail salons, and tattoo parlors. Restaurants can continue to provide food via curbside and drive-thru services.

Everything that is related to food, shelter and medical, the supplies that provide us will continue. We are strictly the gatherings, the social gatherings, the ten people or more”

Retail stores will also have to make changes to their current operations.

“Like department stores, tiendas departamentales, that we changed that they have to work through online orders or curbside”

City and Webb county are asking the community to stay inside unless you are required to do an essential activity, this includes grocery shopping, medical visits or traveling for work. Law enforcement is ready to act on those that choose not to follow these restrictions

Fine those with a thousand dollars, and now this carries an arrest. We will be doing an arrest and using our full discretion”

This order goes in effect tomorrow March 28th until April 3rd unless extended by the city and Webb county.

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