Laredo Officials Considering Implementing Additional Restrictions

Laredo Officials Considering Implementing Additional Restrictions

Laredo, Texas– This order is issued at the recommendation of health officials who say there must be stricter measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

According to Webb County and the city of Laredo, they are enforcing their restrictions due to the lack of community members following the order.

Unfortunately, the community is not really taking this to heart. I think they are panicking more than understand what they have to do. These are measures we have to take and pretty much the last measures.

Residents will not be allowed to be out from 10 p.M. To 5 a.M. Essential businesses will remain open.

The essential services will continue. You will still have groceries, your gas stations, hardware stores, medical, anything with food and shelter will be exempt.

Both the city and Webb county ask the community not to be alarmed with this new restriction.

This is not a lockdown, this is not martial law, we have to be very careful how we deliver this message because we are causing a lot of anxiety

There will be consequences for those who violate this order.

Yes, we will be stopping people after those hours determined in the curfew and we will be citing them, yes”

County and city officials are still deliberating on when this order will go in effect.

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