Health Experts Provide COVID-19 Recommendations

Health Experts Provide COVID-19 Recommendations

Health experts are providing some recommendations to follow should one of your loved ones become exposed to COVID -19.
Curfews and stay at home orders are in full effect across South Texas. Health officials from our area’s COVID-19 taskforce say a certain percentage of positive cases won’t require hospitalization.

We anticipate that within those affected in our population about 85 percent of them will have minor symptoms, minor symptoms that won’t require hospitalization and as you mention will require care at home…

Specialists say it’s important to understand how the virus is transmitted to ensure the most effective care is provided once someone is ordered into self-quarantine.

The virus is inside droplets that are released when we cough or sneeze and even in the discharge from the nose…And exposed to persons who are in close proximity that could possibly inhale into the lungs…

Pulmonologist and director of an intensive care unit, Dr. Juan Chavez Paz, states it is important that a patient self isolate in a room away from others at home to avoid the spread of the virus.

What is recommended is that if at all possible, place the patient in a private space within the home, a well-ventilated room where the patient can maintain throughout his or her time in quarantine, the recommended time they are to remain in isolation is about two weeks after symptoms of been confirmed.

It is asked that the healthiest person in the household be assigned to provide needed care to the patient and should practice proper hand hygiene before and ensuring that all surfaces be constantly cleaned and disinfected…

These recommendations are in accordance with the world health organization… Medical experts want it to be clear that prevention efforts are a shared responsibility, therefore, everyone should practice social distancing and stay at home.

Health Experts Provide COVID-19 Recommendations

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