Pandemic Wreaks Havoc on Small Local Businesses

Pandemic Wreaks Havoc on Small Local Businesses

Due to COVID-19 several businesses are dealing with financial instability. The international chamber of commerce says they are available to offer their assistance.

Carlos Marin, President of the international chamber of commerce, says they are focused on helping …Businesses on both sides of the border.

Marin says he is very concerned as he’s noticed more and more business owners begin to panic ….Abraham Neave with the small business administration says low-interest loans are available to qualifying businesses.

“This will help with rent and any other needs that you may need..”

Neave suggests that during this time of isolation. Entrepreneurs should think outside the box and plan their business’s next move.

“When this time we have to look at other ways creatively to be able to sustain our business.

Arturo Ibarra, Who has been in the grocery store business for almost 20 years. Says his location has suffered food shortages.As well as an increase in costs from his suppliers. Forcing him to raise his prices.

“Ibarra says the changes are due to the vast shortages in the region and the lack of products…Thus costing more to purchase from other suppliers..”

Ibarra claims that his business has been wrongfully accused of price gouging…He has since taped the invoices of products on the shelf so customers can see the changes for themselves.

Anyone who needs assistance from the international chamber of commerce can visit camcoin.Org or call 956 274 0400…There you will find all the resources to elevate your business during any troubling times.

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