New Covid-19 Cases Confirmed in Laredo

New Covid-19 Cases Confirmed in Laredo

The City of Laredo officials continue confirming new cases of COVID-19. A patient confirmed this morning is believed to have caught the virus through community transmission.

With more confirmed cases, the health department asks the community not to be alarmed and provides an update on the patient’s health condition.

“Everyone is well, they have been suffering levels of respiratory symptoms, one is hospitalized and stable”

The health department says three patients will be released this week as they have finished their quarantine.
The city of Laredo is looking into rapid testing through a private partnership. The city is planning a drive-thru testing with strict requirements.

“And part of the criteria would be anyone referred by their doctor with a prescription, someone at-risk, someone who has symptoms, the medical community and the first responders these are the folks we will concentrate with the rapid testing”

Health officials tell fox news the tests needed for the rapid testing will arrive soon.

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