Laredo sees 9 more COVID-19 Cases

Laredo sees 9 more COVID-19 Cases

City and Webb county officials say two of the cases are travel-related, but the majority are through close contact.

In the most recent cases, the seventh case traveled to the affected area, when returning home, the patient exhibited symptoms. The eighth patient is a case of close contact.

“And then the fourth case was travel, that person had a close contact that is now positive then we have the sixth case that is another person that had respiratory symptoms, saw a provider, the provider tested and returned positive”

All patients remain in quarantine and in stable condition. While the health department continues to investigate these cases and who they came in contact with, the city and county officials continue to urge the community to practice social distancing and not leave your home unless it’s necessary to avoid a “Shelter in place” Order.

If we do that, that would be catastrophic, so it is a true balancing act in how to measure and how to take the next appropriate steps. If we do shelter in place, the economy of Webb county ends now”

Law enforcement has been instructed not to issue out more warnings and instead begin issuing citations. 

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