Hidalgo County Curfew In Effect

Hidalgo County Curfew In Effect

Hidalgo County– A curfew will be going into effect today in hopes of minimizing the COVID-19 cases throughout the Rio Grande Valley.

This curfew will be enforced from 10 pm to 5 in the morning to make people stay at home. County authorities gathered earlier today to discuss the series of ordinances residents will have to follow.. Health officials say  nearly 80 people have undergone the test for COVID-19

It only confirms what we already knew in the medical community that there were cases out there we have just not tested the appropriate people to do so what we have done and you will see it in public service announcements we have accumulated local experts that will be addressing for the public more specific information

This curfew does not apply to people that are employed through federal agencies, are traveling to gas stations, hospitals or medical facilities, .. Or that work in the medical field or in law enforcement.

Troopers deputies, deputy sheriffs constables can enforce the order countywide and our police officers from 21 different municipalities also have jurisdiction to enforce the order.

Sheriff Guerra says that they don’t plan on issuing fines just yet as they first want to inform the public of this new ordinance.

In this order, the judge also submitted waivers for fees associated with payments to county departments. Suspending deadlines for 30 days. Additionally, judge Cortez implemented a closing to businesses that are not considered essential, including beauty salons and barbershops among others.

Those that do not follow this curfew could face a 1,000 dollar fine or could be subject to 180 days in jail.

Hidalgo County Curfew is in effect

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