Stricter Rules in Place for McAllen Residents

Stricter Rules in Place for McAllen Residents

Stricter rules are now in place for residents of McAllen in order to limit social gatherings and stop the spread of COVID-19.

Mayor Jim darling issued new orders to help reinforce governor Greg Abbott’s executive order.

Some of the new policies will allow restaurants to continue to provide food services through drive-through and curbside delivery, however, their dining rooms will be closed.

Although this is already in effect, it’s not being enforced until tomorrow in order to help business adapt to this new rule.

City parks are to remain open but the public restrooms will be closed.

Gas stations are to disinfect gas pumps at least once every hour.

Mcallen’s public library will also close until further notice. However, city officials are working on a plan to provide wi-fi hot spots to help students while they are at home.

The city of McAllen hopes to install at least 200 free hot spots across the city within the next two weeks.

Officials tell us this was made possible thanks to a donation and McAllen ISD.

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