Additional Positive COVID-19 Case Diagnosed in Laredo

Additional Positive COVID-19 Case Diagnosed in Laredo

The city of Laredo says they have only one positive case of COVID-19. As of today, the city of Laredo has tested 39 people, ten of them have returned negative. Other results are pending.

“Even though we are testing more persons and we have a case, the city is doing everything to try and prevent the transmission and that is social distancing. That is why we are taking all these actions”

The positive case is an employee of Zaffirini elementary school.

“We have screened and investigated over 306 students and 76 staff, yes we have found some children were sick but it is with confirmed flu, strep throat, ear infection an other viruses. Not covid-19”

The health department confirms they are testing three coaches who remain in quarantine.  Health officials say rumors circulating social media over other supposed positive cases are false.

Health officials remind the community to practice social distancing. They continue to investigate the only one positive case of COVID-19  in Laredo.

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