City Implements 14 Day Lockdown

City Implements 14 Day Lockdown

Laredo, Texas– This lockdown comes after the city of Laredo and Webb county officials issued an emergency declaration. As of now, health officials have only confirmed one positive case of COVID-19

During the meeting, officials discussed what this lockdown means for the community and what establishments must close.

These are bars, lounges, and private clubs. Fitness centers and gyms, bingos and amusement centers, party rental places, malls, and entertainment facilities such as movies, etcetera.”

Restaurants are allowed to remain open as long as they provide delivery or drive-thru, but their dining area must remain closed. There are some businesses exempt these 14 days.

“Groceries stores, hardware stores, residential buildings and hotels in Etcera, pharmacies, and veterinary services as well. Buses and bus terminals.”

Community members can still go to work as long as there are no more than ten people present in a single space at the same time. During this period, businesses are prohibited from charging fees for canceled events. The city of Laredo asks the community to only go outside for necessities, such as grocery shopping and work, and residents should practice social distancing.

The Laredo police department and other law enforcement agencies will enforce this lockdown.

The city of Laredo continues to monitor this case.

City implemnets 14 Day Lockdown
City implemnets 14 Day Lockdown

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