Medical Experts Ask Volunteers to Limit Contact in Migrant Camps

Medical Experts Ask Volunteers to Limit Contact in Migrant Camps

Experts in the medical field are asking volunteers to limit their contact with migrants awaiting asylum in the Mexican side.

Portable handwashing stations have been installed in different points around the migrant camp, which are believed to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus in case it makes its way to the gateway international bridge.

If the viruses get here it’s going to spread pretty rapidly so our focuses are on prevention and fortification and treatment.

Bishop adds that a quarantine in this migrant camp would not be an adequate solution to the problem. They have decided to take a different approach, giving migrants a dose of vitamin d and hoping to limit the interaction between asylum seekers and volunteers coming from other places.

People that come from highly affected areas, states, countries do not come, and anyone who is symptomatic whether it is coronavirus or not should stay out.

Andrea Rudnick, a member of the organization team Brownsville, says she takes food and other supplies to the migrants every day.

We are being told that we need to limit the number of people that go across and that we have to stop people from coming in from out of town so we’ve had to cut back on our volunteer numbers to the bare minimum.

Rudnik adds that they have already started to save food and other items as a precautionary measure, the global response management team says they will continue offering their services to those who need it.

This group of doctors says that these security measures will stay in place until further notice.

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