2020 Census Kicks-off Today

2020 Census Kicks-off Today

Today is the official self-response kick-off for the 2020 census and some local organizations have spearheaded their efforts so that every person in the region is counted.

According to representatives of the U.S. Census Bureau, the impact of every person responding to the 2020 census is tremendous…Health clinics, public transportation, schools infrastructures such as street lighting and drainage  are some of the areas that could greatly benefit

As you can see, there are a lot of needs in our community, and because we’ve been out on the field and in the neighborhoods we know the necessities that every person has… The areas need lighting, we don’t have quality infrastructure, we need all the resources possible to come here to the valley.

Partnership coordinators for more than 30 counties in south texas visited the Rio Grande valley to talk about the efforts that have been made in contrast to ten years ago and highlighted the importance of having every person counted…Adding that the census is completely confidential and secure, regardless of immigration status.

The census questionnaire can be filled out by internet, phone or by mail-in …It’s important to mention that only one response per household is requested and the person has to be at least 15 years of age to do so …

The deadline to ensure that you are counted is July 31, for more information you can visit 2020census.gov

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