Authorities Bring Awareness to Human Trafficking Issues

Authorities Bring Awareness to Human Trafficking Issues

Rio Grande Valley– There are many different types of human trafficking cases in our area, and it’s very common to see these here in the valley.  

According to the national human trafficking hotline, texas is the second state with the most reports on this crime in the US, with 561 cases in 2019 and nearly 1000 in 2018.

Blanca Delgado a member of the organization border workers united, believes a high percentage of victims choose to not report their experiences  due to fear of consequences they may face from abusers

There have been only a few cases because people are very afraid.. That is exactly our job, to go out into the community and expose these problems and educate people and at the same time know how to manage this so that people feel comfortable coming to speak to us.

In an effort to reduce these numbers, multiple law enforcement agencies gathered at the Edinburg conference center to speak on the different types of human trafficking such as smuggling humans into the US, exploiting them while working on the fields, and incidents related to sexual assault

So we can educate ourselves more so we can find out exactly what it is we have to look for and implement to be able to combat and stop labor trafficking units and as well as human trafficking cases

The district attorney says there is currently a human trafficking task force in place to help victims of this crime.

You can reach them by calling 956 318-2300.

Border Workers united
Border Workers united

Authorities Bring Awareness To Human Trafficking Issues

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