Henry Cuellar Discusses $8.3 Billion For Coronavirus Research

Henry Cuellar Discusses $8.3 Billion For Coronavirus Research

Laredo, Texas– Henry Cuellar held a press conference to discuss the $8.3 Billion Coronavirus Emergency Response Fund. With this funding,  congressman Cuellar says it will be used for research on the coronavirus and help create a vaccine.

According to Cuellar,  this vaccine would take from 12 to 18 months,  but health officials are working fast to have this immunization. The funds will also be distributed between local and state health agencies.

“We are also putting money for the different states and local departments of health, so the state of texas, hopefully, the Laredo health department will get some money, how much, I don’t know, this is an emergency bill and we have to more rather quickly”

The coronavirus has been reported in several states including Texas,  the closest city has been San Antonio. The Laredo health department reassures the community no cases have been reported in the community, but still, ask residents to practice good hygiene.

“The best thing everyone can do is take respiratory precautions, cover your mouth when you cough, wash your hands, don’t touch your nose, eyes, and mouth without washing your hands, extra hygiene because we are still in flu season, cleaning things appropriately”

The congressman says they are working with federal agencies to keep them updated on the health of immigrants who are coming into the country.

“We also know that about 380 Chinese migrants have been stopped in the border in the last two months more than half of them have been in the lower Rio Grande, just south of Laredo”

None of them have tested positive for coronavirus.

Local health officials will travel to Washington to attend discussions on the coronavirus.

Henry Cuellar Discusses $8.3 Billion For Coronavirus Research

Henry Cuellar

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