Threat Posted On Restroom Wall Prompts Investigation

Threat Posted On Restroom Wall Prompts Investigation

La Joya ISD chief of police tells us they increased security personnel and the school administration was very vigilant

“Unfortunately the person  that discovered the writing on the stall took a picture and started sending it to his friends creating fear among classmates and students started sending them to parents so everybody started getting scared “

Several students were absent today due to the threat that was circulating on social media which created panic among the community.

“Anytime there is a threat we are going to do everything we can to identify the threat and see how creditable it is and more importantly make sure we provide the adequate security and safety that we need for our students and staff at the campuses”

Chief Gonzalez says they are still investigating to identify the person who wrote the threat and will take the appropriate actions against them.

“Number one criminally you can get arrested and depending on your age and depending on how serious this incident was you ca be facing some possible terroristic  threat charges on the administrative side you can be removed from campus and place in the alternative center for the remainder of the year “

A student told us how he found out about the incident.

“It was on social media there was something written in the restroom that there was going to be a shooting today march 5th”

He added this is not the first time a threat is made at this school but is not afraid since he believes school officials always take the proper safety measures.

School officials want to remind students that making any type of threat will be taken seriously and they will face consequences for their actions.

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