Tensions Brew During City Manager Selection

Tensions Brew During City Manager Selection

Laredo, Texas–  In a 6 to 2 vote, interim city manager Robert Eads was appointed for the position, but he was the last option as several motions were made before his appointment.

The problem some city council members had was a conflict of interest between Eads and councilman dr. Marte Martinez. The two candidates were interviewed for two hours each, and although for candidate Keith Selman the questions were general, two councilmembers questioned Eads on ethics and some decisions he has made. Regardless, Eads thought the interview went well.

“You know, there were some tough questions. Pointed questions obviously, but I expected that, and its healthy to have that sort of conversation, I don’t shy away from my record or anything that I have done, I know exactly who I am.”

He was the last option in this appointment. Councilman George Altgelt first asked for another search, but some council members said they have waited long enough. Altgelt then voted for Keith Selman, and then for interim city manager Rosario Cabello. They finally decided on Robert Eads, who mayor Pete Saenz initially voted yes to, but then he suddenly changed his mind and attempted to veto the decision.

“Well, I take my vote back. I don’t think you can. He doesn’t have a vote to take back. What is wrong with you?”

Eads was appointed city manager and Cabello deputy city manager.

“The next step that I see is that we get together with a group and city council and establish priorities and goals, right now that we were in the interim basis, we were short in planning anything long-term”

Council members are in the process of finalizing Eads’ contract which will be posted in the city of Laredo webpage.

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