Students; Officers Reenact Possible Alcohol-related Accident To Combat DWI

Students; Officers Reenact Possible Alcohol-related Accident To Combat DWI

Weslaco, Texas– Students and local police officers became actors to re-enact a possible alcohol-related accident. All in an effort to demonstrate a very big problem… Driving under the influence of alcohol…

“To drive the point to students we don’t drive when we’ve been drinking. When we’re under the influence of other things.”

Weslaco chief of police says his department and the school district have a great partnership — allowing them to work on educational programs which will benefit students…Chief Rivera added Texas law changes for minors who consume alcohol

“Any person under the age of 21 any detectable amount is considered driving while intoxicated so one sip if a police officer can smell it you’re DWI.”

Air paramedics were also part of the reenactment. They arrived at the scene in a helicopter…In most alcohol-related accidents, that type of transportation is necessary.

“Authorities also say that they hope this scene is something the students will remember to prevent them from one day making a similar mistake.”

School officials say they will continue implementing this type of program and plan on performing a similar reenactment next school year.

“A choice can shatter a dream..A bad choice can shatter a dream.”

Officials emphasized the importance of making good decisions… Don’t drink and drive.

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