Local Health Officials Preparing for Possible Arrival of Coronavirus

Local Health Officials Preparing for Possible Arrival of Coronavirus

South Texas– According to statistics from the CDC in the US the coronavirus has affected 80 people and caused over 9 deaths — not a single case has been reported in the Rio Grande Valley.

Starr county health officials along with state and local agencies  held a summit to educate the community about the virus and the precautions one should take to prevent it from spreading

“However there is no reason why to panic education and the proper hygienic measures are going to be fundamental in controlling these disease”  

The Texas Department of State Health service program manager says officials are preparing resources for the community in case the virus makes its way to south Texas.

“I think if we all and we communicate and are transparent in any needs that we can address those needs successfully and protect the community “

The program manager wants residents to continue following the next few simple steps.

” to wash their hands, stay home when your sick and to make sure that they are keeping their family safe and healthy and I think the communities are really coming together to prepare and plan”

Hidalgo county health officials are also doing their part to monitor the virus, they have created a web page so the community can be aware of the latest updates on CONVID-19.

Health officials are urging the public not to panic or have any fear…Local, state and federal agencies are monitoring the virus to provide the best resources to the community.

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