Laredo Implements City-wide Animal Cruelty Task Force

Laredo Implements City-wide Animal Cruelty Task Force

The city of Laredo announced the city-wide animal cruelty task force that will improve the process of reporting animal neglect and abuse.

This task force will be in charge of protecting pets like “Surita” who police say can’t voice when they are being abused.

“We are asking the community to be the voice for these animals, to report these crimes, abuse includes inappropriate housing, disposing of these animals, mistreating these animals and not feeding them well.”

Recently, police were searching for a couple wanted for animal abuse. The man is accused of not feeding his dog, which resulted in his death. Authorities say this is one of many cases they investigate.

“We have over 300 cases last year that were worked, this year we have about 50 cases that were processed through our office”

All Webb and city law enforcement agencies join together to combat animal abuse. Laredo Crime stoppers are also part of this partnership that will help make it easier for the community to report this crime.

“Normally the cases will result in a misdemeanor prosecution but more importantly we will hold people accountable if they are found guilty, they will have a criminal record, there will be fines involved and this will go on their record”

Remember, if you suspect anyone abusing animals, you may report it to any law enforcement agency or contact crime stoppers at 727-TIPS.

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