CDC Working Non-stop With Agencies To Monitor Coronavirus

CDC Working Non-stop With Agencies To Monitor Coronavirus

Hidalgo county health officials want the public to know that they are working non-stop with local state and federal agencies to monitor the coronavirus

“We speak to the CDC to the texas department of state health services, we speak to our local hospitals several times a day, we speak to local physicians we are in communication with our Mexican counterparts we speak to the Secretaria de Salud in Mexico regularly”

Olivares tells us the cases that have been reported in the state of texas were all travel-related. Not a single case has been reported in hidalgo county.

“When we get our first case in hidalgo county we will have a press conference with our county judge with the different mayors and different state and federal officials announcing the first case but as of today we have zero cases”

The health and human service administrator wants to inform the community that they should not believe everything they see on social media…

“As of today at this time there is no cases only the CDC can confirm these cases unfortunately we have social media out there that is misinforming the public and quite frankly scaring the public”

Next week, UTRGV will be hosting a region-wide coronavirus summit with local health and emergency management officials to prepare in case the virus makes its way to our area.


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