Homeowner Loses Thousands To Shady Contractor

Homeowner Loses Thousands To Shady Contractor

Sarahi Raya is claiming she paid a contractor over 13 thousand dollars to remodel her home — it’s been nearly a year and the project was left unfinished.

“He knew it was a dream of mine to finish my home for my children and he stole my money”

The homeowner reported the contractor to authorities —  who told her the man is not who he says he is.

“The man’s name is Eduardo Soriano but detectives have other names for him”

The construction began in the summer of 2019, but the contractor didn’t complete the renovation. Raya decided to take legal action last week and officials are now investigating her case

“They haven’t been able to locate him because he has different addresses listed”

Part of the home that was under renovation is now deteriorating.

“I have videos from December that show water coming in through the roof, I sent them to Eduardo look the roof is getting wet since you never completed it and he never responded”

Raya just wants her money back so that she can hire someone else to finish remodeling her home.

We tried contacting the contractor on several occasions but he never answered his phone, we will continue to follow this case to find out if Raya gets her money back.

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